All the functionality you need, on your handheld

All you need to know is on your handheld, whether you are in the car, in the office, or at home. All you need to manage your EleCa, even remotely, is your handheld device. A small display with basic vehicle statistics is in front of you in the EleCa and a rich amount of information is constantly updated on your handheld. There is a spot to slide-in your handheld for when you are driving. 

The ongoing evolution of your EleCa software continues to self-enhance based on your noted requirements and go beyond the following........


Remotely set the desired temperature in your EleCa

Battery Status

Monitor your battery status remotely or while driving

Temper Alert

Your EleCa informs you should it feel it is being tempered while parked


Proximity lock/unlock your EleCa as you depart/approach