About EleCa

Three-wheeled electric fun for two

Welcome to EleCa! We’re building a two person three-wheeled electric vehicle. Possibly the most environmental and cost effective way to get around town.

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Our motivation is renewable energy and our passion is motoring. We believe that a vehicle such as the EleCa is what may accelerate the real change of cost-effective, environmentally friendly transportation, slowly and surely cleaning the smog and toxic cities we have inherited.

Remote controlled

Entry and starter keys are now a thing of the past. Access to your EleCa is optionally available through your handheld device as are the key statistics and travel information. Speed, driving-time, charge status and other key statistics are readily available on your device that has a specific holding bay on the dash board.


EleServ is always on standby through our handheld app pre-empting a break-down or ready to assist you should something go wrong. The first support stage of EleServ is remote diagnosis and repairs wherever possible. The second stage is scheduling pre diagnosed repairs at our premises.


Charging your EleCa is no different to charging your mobile device. It is able to be charged at home, the office or at friends’ place. Charging to 100% takes a bit longer as our unique battery management system has an inbuilt routine, trickle charging and balancing, ensuring long battery life.


Lighter, wind-cheating, lower drag and a tear drop shape

Intro Video


Aldo Grech

Project Leader

Albert Kampe

2D / 3D Designer

Alex M.

Industrial/ Graphic Designer

Jack Tsang


Viral Parmar

EV Trike technologies Engineer

Bruno Buccianti